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May 4, 201212:23 PMIt's a Good Life


May 4, 2012 - 12:23 PM


In life, We tend to find Many unexpected Benefits that Make our world
Become something More than We Ever thought it Ever Could Be. It is in
the little things that We tend to miss, that turn Us into _Everything_
We Want to become in Life. It is in those moments that We realize that
it is All about the Journey and Not the Destination. It those little
things that make Us Complete that Give Us a Gift that Can Be Greater
than Anything We Could Dream of. In that Little thing, We become in a
Moment, the Essence of Who We Are.

I was Thinking Earlier Today what makes Us an Extraordinary Human
Being? What is it that Transforms Us into Being Something or Someone of
Significance? And, when do We Realize We are becoming Significant in
Life? Is it about Being a Super Star, a Great Sports Figure, or figuring
out how to become the wealthiest in Life? Is it about Being a Religious
Leader, going on a Mission and feeding the hungry? Is it about Being
Kind to Others, Showing Respect to Our Elderly, and taking the time to
speak with a child? Is it Smiling when We pass someone on the street? Is
it Believing in Something or Someone Bigger than Ourselves? Is it
Excepting All the Challenges of struggling with Our Humanity and all of
Our Imperfections and little idiosyncrasies that truly Make Us Whole?
All of These play a role in Us Becoming Significant in Our Lives if We
Choose. However, Are These the Essence of Who We Are? Are These What
bring Us Abundance in Our Lives?

What is the Abundant Thing We have in Our Lives? It Begins with What is
Inside of Us. Many Times We have a Limited Perspective of What the True
Joy in Life is Really All About. And Sometimes, We need to stick the Key
in and Actually turn it. When We Do it Unlocks Who each of Us Are as a
Person. I Go Back to the Question, "What is the Essence of Who We Are?"
It is Found when We Realize their is Something More Powerful than
Anybody. It is Everybody. Everybody Beyond the Superficial Appearances.
Beyond our gender, race and creed. Everybody, meaning Anybody that in
the very Moment We Are With Some one, Love them. Love them All Your
Heart, In Spite of the Worlds Beliefs, Value Systems, Labels and
Judgments. Truly allow Yourself to Feel what not only what Will Make
others Feel Human, But, Most Importantly, You Become the Depth of Who
You Are. You Find Unimaginable Gifts You never could have fathomed if
You Seek, See and Truly Find the One Part of You that when You turn the
Key with the Very Gift that Already Lies Inside of You, that Gift Will
Come to Life and You Will Experience a Part of Your Humanity never
experienced before. Connecting with that piece, along with All of the
other components I mentioned earlier will not only Make Your Journey in
Life so Much more Meaningful, but Open You to a World that sometimes is
not seen if We can not allow Ourselves to look Beyond the things that
bring No real Value seen a face value. When You Touch Someone. Touch
them. And touch them with nothing seen but what is Beyond their eyes.
And Believe that Who We Are is a Symbol of what the real world really
looks like if We Are a Vessel of the Message. Until next time,_ IT IS A
GOOD LIFE_, if We Choose it to Be.