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Donuts (and Do-Nots)

Last summer my family went with another family on vacation to Destin, Florida. We stayed for a week in a lovely home near that beautiful emerald sea. I wanted to continue my regimen of walking so in the mornings I would get up and get ready to head out. My husband decided he would join me on these walks (hey, it’s vacation, a time to do things you don’t normally do). On one of our morning walks, we discovered a Krispy Kreme donut, no, not store, a Krispy Kreme donut factory. Now, if you are like me, the word “factory” connotes things like machinery, noise, dark, etc. No, not this factory.

Think about your donut dreams coming true. From inside the factory/store, we were able to look through a window and actually watch the entire donut process. We could see those precious, tender circles of joy being drenched with glaze and lovingly placed into warm trays. It was a work of art. There is not much more I enjoy than hot coffee and a fresh donut. So, every day we took a brisk morning walk to Krispy Kreme. But hey, at least we WALKED there. That’s better than driving, right?

The truth is, I knew better. I knew this had to be a temporary thing. And I honestly (ask my husband), only had one each day. Don’t ask him how many he had. But it was vacation and it was fun and memorable. And you know what? It was okay, for that five days out of my life. Go ahead and splurge a little (very little) for a short (very short) time period. Then move on and get back to your healthy eating habits. A realistic, lifelong goal is to eat healthy most (80-85%) of the time. It works. Plus, you get to indulge in the dark side once in a while.

Rebecca Hendrixson

becky hendrixson

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Rebecca Hendrixson is a personal trainer, certified through the American College of Sports Medicine. She is the owner of HenHouse Fitness in Mason, a personal training studio for women. In addition to having a passion for helping women achieve their fitness/life goals, she also enjoys writing, flower gardening, and cooking. Rebecca is married to Mike, a physician, and they have three sons.

Rebecca can be reached through email at henhousefitness.com or by calling 513.659.0960. Also follow on Twitter@henhousefitness.