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Publishers Letter


It has been five years since my wife and I have had the privilege of being in the publishing business. It seems like yesterday we started our previous magazine, Inspire, out of the spare bedroom of our house. Then, we had the good fortune of selling that business to the Gannett Corporation, which owns media properties such as USA Today and Enquirer Media. And since that time, as my wife and I have traveled throughout the country, we have studied over 100 different magazines from the various regions throughout our great nation and set a goal of creating a lifestyle publication for the Greater Cincinnati area that would have the level of excellence you would expect to see in the finest communities in the United States.

What you are holding today is our very best effort in accomplishing that goal of creating a publication that is worthy of your time and would add value to your life. One of the things that is going to make our magazine unique is that all the stories you will find in Venue are going to be positive. We will write stories of local people and organizations that inspire the human spirit to help increase the quality of our readers’ lives.
It is our desire for Venue to be catalytic and to help champion the value of volunteerism in our area. We will be sharing stories that speak to your heart and encourage you to move into action. Our hope is, through the pages of our magazine, you will find ideas and inspiration of how you might discover that unique and special way you can serve and impact our community to ultimately touch someone’s life. Or, if you are already engaged, to cheer you on as you faithfully serve and run the race. Our desire is for our publication to be used as a tool, a bridge to help mobilize our community and make our world a better place.

In addition, in each issue of Venue, you will find ideas for your home, reviews of great restaurants, event photos, tips on health and, of course, it’s always fun to see great pictures of brides on their wedding day. Our intention is to focus on the very best part of life and the best aspects of our community.

Something that we will provide as a service to the community is that if your nonprofit has an upcoming event, email us at events@venuemag.net for our magazine and submit your event on our Web site at www.venuemag.net .We will list it in our print and online calendar at no cost. Or, if you have photos from a past nonprofit event that you would like to share with the community, you may email us those as well and we will display them on the online edition and possibly the print version. I encourage you to keep our publication, as all the events will give our magazine a shelf life of four to five months. It is our hope that you will use the print version of Venue and our online edition as a tool to consult as you’re considering planning and publicizing your next charitable endeavor.

We appreciate you taking the time to page through Venue and to read this letter. If you would like to make any suggestions, share your ideas or have questions about advertising your business, shoot me an email at steve@venuemag.net because I want to hear from you. Thank you again for the time you took to read our premiere edition of Venue. Our team is going to work very hard to provide stories that speak to your life and to have the type of product that is worthy of your attention – and a spot on your coffee table.

– Steve Wanamaker

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